The Big Balancer - What you Sow, You Shall Reap Double! How you can benefit from the End of the 9 Year Cycle and the upcoming Solar Eclipse on 31 January 2018

This month’s Full Moon/Eclipse falls on a minor Jewish holiday called Tu B’Shvat ‘New Year of the Trees’, or Arbor Day. Arriving on the evening of Tuesday 30 January and ending sundown on Wednesday 31 January 2018, it coincides with the ending of a 9 year cycle that started on 6 February 2009, the previous  Tu B’Shvat.  2018 also coincides with the Master Number 11 year in numerology – essentially, this cycle holds clues and keys to your future if you know how to unlock the doorway and benefit from it.

It is traditionally known as ‘Birthday of the Trees’, more specifically fruit trees. In times past, it was a day that farmers brought their fourth-year fruit from recently planted trees to Temple as first-fruit offerings. The first-fruit in Hebrew is ‘bikkurim’ and means 'promise to come'.

First-fruits are an acronym for ‘first offering’, acceptance and grace for what is in the present, while having unconditional trust in the totality of your vision for your future harvest, it is in the offering or giving of the fruits of your labour that you receive the real gift, the wholeness of yourself, for yourself, to then be able to help others. And so the new Cycle begins with the Triad of the Sun, Moon and Earth aligning with each other, and next year 2019 being a ‘3’ year in numerology. The threefold flame of Love, Power & Wisdom, or the Holy Trinity.

We have come from the first seed of our consciousness, built the branches of the tree, borne the first bud, and unfurled the first flower to bear the first-fruit. We have come full circle. Now is the time to put into practice all you have learned, worked towards and dreamed of for your vision of the future for yourself and the whole. Find the path within the Tree of Life.

It's all about balance, the numerology of this year being an ‘eleven’ year is just that. Our last eleven year was 2009, and now the nine year cycle is complete the two elevens are now facing each other like parallel mirrors, creating an infinity portal of true self-reflection.

In psychology the mirror effect is ‘a reflection of one’s self through the gaze of others’. Think back to 2009 - what had you started, dreamed of, experienced, who has stayed in or  dropped  out  of  your  life?  That is now reflected back at you.

When we go into the void of the darkness of the Eclipse, when the Moon is between the Sun and the Earth, the place of balance of all things, this is the time to go deep within the self and look for the path forward. You are given the gift of foresight and transmutation, the zero point of no expectation, no limitation, all things are possible,

Your preconceived ideas and belief systems no longer exist. In this space the polarity of right and wrong are no more, only what is your truth, so pay attention. Within this space, you are the Earth, so you may just wish to experience Peace, if that is your vision for yourself and the all.

Questions you can ask yourself:

 ·       What is my true Path?

·       Are there blockages on my Path? If so, how do I remove them?

·       What beliefs or thought patterns, hold me from this Path? 

·       What is my next steps to take Action?

Questions you can ask the Divine or your Higher Self:

·       What do I need to do to stay in balance?

·       Can you please send me the right information, people, situations to help stay on my Path?

·       Can you please support me in choosing to see and experience Truth, with Clarity of Vision, Understanding and  Self-Responsibility?

Having entered the blackness of the Left Pillar of the 11, the Mental Masculine Sun, we must then enter into the White doorway of the Intuitive Feminine Moon.

There’s a multitude of ways we can work with our intuitive vision to enhance foresight and intuitive abilities and prepare to take action. Meditation practice, creative writing and dream/vision boards are an ideal pathway towards clarity within truth of self.

Or you may prefer working with crystals; Iolite with its frequency of the violet colour/third eye vision, Obsidian for the mirroring of true self-reflection and earth star grounding, and Pyrite for the balance of male/female energy or the soul star energy, the home of the Higher Self where the true path lives, the doorway to freedom.

The last step is entering the grey doorway - the space between the black and the white, representing the inner work of the black, and the self-projection of the Moon.

Ask for the Key of Light. You are like a key, you have your own individual codes of light that open the right doors when you are ready. Enter into the Grey doorway. You have the power now to decide for yourself - what do you desire next? Now is the moment to ask the Universe, in the power of now, out loud. Believe it, have faith in its manifestation, and focus on your intention. State your intention out loud, or write down if journaling.

A good crystal to work with while undergoing this process is Black Tourmaline. It has a shielding effect on negative, dense or heavy energies, and acts  in a self-protective manner, protecting us from our own negative patterns and can help in raising the kundalini energy.

Questions to ask for this part:

·      What is this key unlocking within me?

·      How can I actively keep this door open? 

·      What gifts do I now have access to, that I didn’t have before?

·      How do I use them moving forward on my path?

This process can be utilized as a meditation, journal writing, or simply self reflection and then waiting and trusting in seeing the signs, whatever works for you, just believe and know you already have all the answers within you, so use this very special time to its best advantage.

In the spirit of Tu B’Shvat my first-fruit offering is my first blog post, may it too bear fruit in this next cycle of 9.

May you all go through massive growth to see your intentions blossom.

Full Moon Blessings, Melissa x